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Innovative Technology & Services that Fit Your Surgical Needs


The EOS system provides low dose, full body, stereo-radiographic images of your patient in a functional position. The EOS system is designed around a vertically traveling arm supporting two image acquisition systems mounted at right angles. Each acquisition system is composed of an X-ray tube and a linear detector.

This unique biplanar design and linear, vertical scanning technique acquires frontal and lateral images of your patient simultaneously in either a standing or seated position with the EOS Radiolucent Chair.

​EOS Imaging Benefits

  • Improved diagnostics due to high image quality and over 65,000 grey levels for excellent contrast .

  • Patient’s radiation dose decreased by 50% compared to a DR system and 85% compared to a CR system.

  • Capture frontal and lateral, full body images in less than 20 seconds for adults and 15 seconds for children

  • Comprehend compensation mechanisms between the spine, hip and knee thanks to full body, weight-bearing images


Surgical Theater technology converts patient-specific images, such as MRI and CT scans, into a comprehensive 360-degree Virtual Reality (VR) reconstruction. These models engage and educate his patients both before and after surgery. Patients can see their anatomy (bone, spinal cord, nerves, vessels, and musculature) in VR while other institutions review their surgical plan on traditional 2D black and white medical scans. Patients can see the surgical plan virtually during their consultation as Surgical Theater displays digital bone drilling, placement of rods, screws, and other hardware in the patient model.


These 360 VR models are also used to plan the surgical procedure to create or review the surgical planning. After the procedure, a 360 VR model is created from post-operative scans overlaid on the pre-operative model to show patients the progression of their recovery and placement of their hardware. Published research has shown Surgical Theater's 360 VR models to increase patient satisfaction and understanding during their consultation process.

Surgical Theater Benefits

  • A 360 degree engaging experience for patients - walk inside their own anatomy, standing between the vessels and the tumor, gaining unparalleled knowledge, understanding and comfort with Surgical Theater's Medical Virtual Reality platform.

  • A 360 degree dynamic platform for surgical planning - plan from any angle, see margins from inside out.

  • A 360 degree dynamic intra- operative visualization and navigation - see what you can't see, behind the corner, before you get there.

  • A 360 degree immersive collaborative educational environment for medical professionals.


DIERS 4D motion® Lab

The Compact Solution for Motion Analysis

The core technology of the DIERS 4Dmotion Lab  high performance is the unique back & spine measurement device DIERS formetric 4D, combined with video motion capture cameras for lower limbs and an instrumented treadmill to measure high speed ground reaction forces. All devices are connected for simultaneous measurements of the whole body.

  A computer software analyzes the line curvature and generates from it  – by means of the method of the Photogrammetrie – a three-dimensional model of the surface, comparable to a plaster cast. In opposition to x-ray, the DIERS formetric provides comprehensive information about the whole body statics and posture in only one measuring process, e.g. spine curvature (lateral and frontal), vertebral rotation, and pelvic position. Even muscular dysbalances can be detected based on the curvature image of the back surface.

​DIERS Benefits

  • Whole-Body Assessment

  • All-in-one Solution

  • Fast Examination Procedure

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